Phantasy Star – Video Game Score

Video Game Score

All music composed,
orchestrated and mixed by

Celebrating the launch of the site I proudly present the score I wrote for a fan-made video game called “Phantasy Star: Through the River of Time”. The cues below make up the vast majority of what was written. Production and composition was split over several periods (mostly around 2004 and 2009). The brief for the music has always been to combine orchestral with electronic elements with the occasional focus on solo instruments. The director guided me to cues from existing “Phantasy Star” games (you may hear the odd nod) and also to cues from John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams. I took some additional inspiration from Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer. Not all of the below cues were intended for use in the game; some are merely demos that I think are too much fun to pass up on. Unfortunately, the games was never completed; but I am now able to present to you the majority of music I wrote for it.

For the technically-minded, my DAW of choice is Cubase. For this score I relied primarily on Peter Siedlaczeck’s Advanced Orchestra, Steinberg HalionSonic, IK Multimedia’s Sampletank and Novation’s V-Station.

Special thanks to:
Karl Langevin – it’s all for you, dude.
And I’d do it all again, in a heartbeat.

Feel free to leave any comments; I appreciate all feedback. The score is not currently available for download, though upon request I may make it so.

Phantasy Star: Through the River of Time


01 Main Theme (3.03)
02 Mountain View (2.25)
03 Mountin’ Side (2.24)
04 Over World (2.39)
05 Transforming (2.39)
06 Rise and Fall (3.45)
07 Dead Dad (2.15)
08 Goth Town (2.59)
09 Wherez the Remote? (Demo) (4.55)
10 Smiley Tunes (2.26)
11 Hellraiser (0.52)
12 Night Meetings (2.29)
13 Lana’s Theme (2.32)
14 Too Much Coffee, Not Enough Rest (2.15)
15 Early Battle Demo (2.09)
16 Premier Demo (2.04)
17 An Interlude (0.46)
18 Sixteen Bits and Counting (Demo) (4.34)
19 Lana’s Medley (3.12)

Total 58.23

Additional Trailer Cues

21 Trailer 1 (2.52)
22 Trailer 2 (2.39)
23 Trailer 3 (2.14)

Total 7.45

Cover Art

PS_Cover-1Phantasy Star: Through the River of Time;
Front Cover.

Click to enlarge.




(c) 2004-present. All rights reserved.


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