Twenty Fifteen

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Twenty Fifteen”, a dynamic orchestral suite, composed and mixed in a day using (mostly) Kontakt libraries I purchased during 2015’s various sales. Nothing too serious, just having fun with my new toys!

Instruments used: Synths: Colourform (Frozen Plain), SynthMaster 2.7 (KV331) || Pianos: Felt Piano (Spitfire Audio), Signal (Output) || Flutes: Bansuri and Xiao (Aria Sounds) || Cymbals: Symphonic Orchestra (East West) || Percussion: Forest Drums (Impact Soundworks), Humdrum (Modwheel), HIPP (Sonokinetic) || Vocals/Choirs: Vocalisa (Impact Soundworks), Requim (8Dio) || Strings/Brass/Woodwinds: Capriccio (Sonokinetic).

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below:


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