Dear Esther Suite

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Dear Esther (Suite)”. It is inspired by the videogame “Dear Esther”, particularly its ending and final monologue. The intent was to create a piece that is at once sad and hopeful. The following instruments were used:

Piano & Bass: IK Multimedia’s Sampletank 3 | Strings & Woodwinds: CineSamples’ CineSymphony Lite | Cello, Double Bass, Violin, Harp, Timpani & Cymbal: EWQL’s Smyphonic Orchestra Platinum | Glass: Will Bedford’s Water Glass | Kalimba: Origins of Audio’s Dark Kalimba | Vocal: Stafano Maccarelli’s Clara’s Vocal | Synths & Pads: Output Inc’s Signal, Wide Blue Sound’s Orbit, HeavyoCity’s Vocalise, Frozen Plain’s ColourForm | Reverb: Eventide’s Blackhole | Native Instrument’s Replika.

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below:


You’d Better Run, Boy!

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new track called “You’d Better Run, Boy!”. It’s an all-out, balls-to-the-wall epic trailer track. Racing strings and woodwinds, brass accents and an arsenal of sticks and toms. It’s available on SoundCloud, but you can also listen below. This composition uses the following libraries: Strings: CineSamples CINESYMPHONY LITE & ewql’s SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. Brass & Woodwinds: ewql’s SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. Percussion: Aria Sounds’s COLOSSAL TOMS & Nine Volt Audio’s TAIKO 2 & Steinberg’s TRIEBWERK & ewql’s SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. Synth Pad: Wide Blue Sound’s ORBIT. Choir: NI’s KONTAKT.

You can listen to this cue right here: