Dear Esther Suite

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Dear Esther (Suite)”. It is inspired by the videogame “Dear Esther”, particularly its ending and final monologue. The intent was to create a piece that is at once sad and hopeful. The following instruments were used:

Piano & Bass: IK Multimedia’s Sampletank 3 | Strings & Woodwinds: CineSamples’ CineSymphony Lite | Cello, Double Bass, Violin, Harp, Timpani & Cymbal: EWQL’s Smyphonic Orchestra Platinum | Glass: Will Bedford’s Water Glass | Kalimba: Origins of Audio’s Dark Kalimba | Vocal: Stafano Maccarelli’s Clara’s Vocal | Synths & Pads: Output Inc’s Signal, Wide Blue Sound’s Orbit, HeavyoCity’s Vocalise, Frozen Plain’s ColourForm | Reverb: Eventide’s Blackhole | Native Instrument’s Replika.

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below:


Lokomotif and Maschine

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released two new songs on SoundCloud. Both are electro / techno and make use of various analogue-sounding synthesizers (some of which are freeware). The initial inspiration for these two cues is the electronic (EDM-inspired) soundtrack to “Chappie”; though the two Synchrotones tracks are arguably even more techno / trance orientated. The tracks are called “Lokomotif” (named after the VST plug in, which features heavily in this cue) and “Maschine“, which favors Steinberg’s Triebwerk and Hyptonic Dance. SampleTank 3 and Tyrell6 also feature in these tracks.