Easter Dance

Synchrotones_logoSynchrotones has released a new cue called “Easter Dance”, a short and upbeat orchestral march for woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion. Software used: Cinesamples, Sonokinetic and East West Symphonic Orchestra.

Instruments used: Woodwinds: CineSymphony Lite (CineSamples), Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Strings: CineSymphony Lite (CineSamples), Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Symphonic Orchestra (East West) || Brass: CineSymphony Lite (CineSamples), Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Drums and snares: Capriccio (Sonokinetic) || Cymbals: Symphonic Orchestra Platinum (East West)

You can listen to the track on SoundCloud, or you can listen to it below: