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Real Humans (Rikard Borggard)

June 21, 2014

Synchrotones’ Microtones Review… all of the opinion, less of the words.

cover_realhumansREAL HUMANS

Rikard Borggard, 2014, MovieScore Media
20 tracks, 46:52

What is it? “Real Humans” is a Swedish TV series that takes place in an alternate Sweden where society relies on consumer-level androids. The ‘hubots’ are virtually indistinguishable from real humans, but are usually given menial jobs. A political movement against the hubots called “Real Humans” are gaining strength to stop them, especially as they’re showing more human-like features.

What does it sound like? The score is a combination of electronica (often retro sounding) and more familiar cinematic textures. Synth arpeggios are combined with pads, strings and piano. The “Main Theme” features a retro-sounding drumkit (as does “Leo and Carl”), but for the most part this is a dark and subdued score. There are interesting sounds and textures at play (the reverse piano bits add a spooky touch), but you have to listen with headphones to get the most out of it. Often it errs on the side of sound-design; and it relies heavily on lower register sounds that don’t easily grab your attention. It doesn’t make for a casual listen as most of the details, and indeed most of the score, would go by unnoticed. Parts of “Hubsec” and “The Virus” break through the monotone style.

Is it any good? It’s very well done and there are some wonderful cues to be found (“Odi and Silas”, “The Field”, “Douglas and Florentine”), but you need headphones to pick up on all the great sounds this score offers. Overall it is very quiet and understated (perhaps a bit too much so for most casual listeners), though the synths, strings and piano make for a mesmerising soundscape.

Rating [2,5/5]

Review by Pete Simons, (c) Synchrotones

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