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The Iron Giant in Full Score (Michael Kamen)

Hot of the heels of the success of Aliens in Full Score, Chris Siddall Music Publishing has now released the full printed score for Michael Kamen’s The Iron Giant; meticulously transcribed from the original manuscripts. As I love both the film and its score, it’s a great pleasure for me to read through this book. And it’s not just about seeing how certain cues are written; the inclusion of early version and unused cues actually give an insight into the overall scoring process.

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Chris Siddall Interview

We all love listening to film score; and some of us enjoy reading scores too. No, not reading about them, but reading them. The notes, the rests and every detail surrounding them.. For me, reading a score is a bittersweet experience. I’ve had some-but-limited musical education and I’ve been a hobby composer most of my life, but I am not at all proficient at reading music. I have no perfect pitch; and I’m not sure I have any pitch at all. You could probably give me a piece sheet music with the national anthem on it and I might very well struggle to recognise it. That said, reading along while the music is playing is a whole different ballgame; one that is great fun and very interesting.

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