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Of Dogs, OAPs and Weddings

We’re nearing the end of February, and that means we’re already one-sixth into 2023. Let’s have a quick look at three light-hearted scores that have come out in the last few weeks: Dog Gone (Emily Bear), 80 For Brady (John Debney) and Shotgun Wedding (Pinar Toprak).

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Creepy Girls and Lullabies

What do Christopher Young’s The Offering and Anthony Willis’ M3gan have in common? The clue’s in the title folks, please do pay attention! How scary are these girls and their respective creepy cradlesongs?

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Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Awards 2022

Here we go. Synchrotones’ annual awards extravaganza. The afterparty will take place in my study, but be quick as there’s only room for three people. So, which are my favourite scores of the year? Will Beavis and Butthead return to space? Will the man who fell to earth face a violent night with a black panther? Will the moon rise above this strange world? Or will a certain blockbuster blow them all out of the water?

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