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James Horner: The Emotionalist

JHFM have organised an amazing looking concert with music from James Horner, including (almost) never before heard works Spectral Shimmers and A Forest Passage; as well as a unique documentary featuring Horner’s wife and daughter. It will take place on 13th May in Szczecin, Poland with the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with conductor Torodd Wigum. It will also be streamed live on YouTube. Full details at JHFM.

Synchrotones’ Favourites of 2021 (Part 2/2)

It’s time to reveal Synchrotones’ favourite scores and composers of 2021. You may know by now that I hesitate placing them in ‘top x’ lists. Whilst there is a strong correlation between what I like best and what I think is best, ultimately there is a difference. Especially during my ongoing hiatus, and also during this never-ending pandemic, it feels more important than ever to focus on what makes us happy… and not always analysing the cr*p out of everything. So, here’s a toast to all the composers, musicians, record labels and all the music that made me feel a little better last year.

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