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Synchrotones’ Favourites of 2020

Whilst a lot can be, and has been, said about the year 2020, Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Review is not the place for it. Whilst cinemas were shut for most of the year, streaming outlets like Amazon, Apple, Disney and Netflix were able to benefit from locked-down audiences.

So we did get to see new movies; and we did get to listen to new scores. And some of them offered a silver lining to an otherwise dreadful year.  Here are some my favourites.

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2019 Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Awards

The good, the not-so good and the good-byes. Welcome to the Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Awards 2019! No more teasing. It’s time to play. There aren’t any promises. Nothing’s certain. Only that some scores I like, some I don’t. You won’t ever know the hardship and grief we critics have to endure. I commit these awards to the net with a glad heart. For within each review, there is a promise of a new follower. So, let’s start cracking.

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