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Altered States (Miguel d’Oliveira)

Not long ago we reviewed Miguel d’Oliveira’s retro-synth score for the TV-documentary Michael Palin in North Korea. That one has been released via MovieScore Media. d’Oliveira has also worked on another high-profile series… Altered States by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux. Whilst there don’t seem to be any plans right now for an official release, you can still listen to it on the composer’s website… and it’s definitely worth doing so.

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Change of address

You can now visit this glorious site via its new web address:
Shorter and easier to remember. Anything for you guys!

Michael Palin in North Korea – Interview with Composer Miguel d’Oliveira

Michael Palin in North Korea is the latest in a long – and fascinating – line of travelogues by Palin. In the UK, it aired on Channel 5 a few weeks ago; and if you haven’t watched it, it’s worth catching up on. Over two episodes, Palin offers an intriguing glimpse into that most secretive of countries: North Korea. He walks a very fine line between: what we’re allowed to see, what we’re not allowed to see, and what the presenter (subtly) implies. The music walks the same line. Synchrotones had the pleasure of talking to composer Miguel d’Oliveira about it.

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Ark and The Unspoken (Gareth Coker)

So, let’s talk about Gareth Coker for a moment; or rather about his music. I don’t know him personally, so it’d be rude to start rambling on about the guy. If you follow Synchrotones at all, you’ll know I’m much enamoured by his work for Ori and the Blind Forest (and needless to say, I very much enjoyed the additional music that Coker released via BandCamp). There’s a reasonable body of work to explore, but two scores in particular caught my ear; and those are ARK and The Unspoken.

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Cluster Reviews #3 A Silva Screen Special

Silva Screen very kindly and continuously send me copies of their releases for review; and all too often I don’t review them. Now, whilst I’m not here to do record labels any favours or to promote their albums, I do feel a bit bad that I’m so far behind with Silva’s releases. With this episode of Cluster Reviews I want to see if we can restore some balance in the universe. I’ll be covering two Doctor Who releases, Shetland, Edie, an Essential Games Music Collection and no less than 100 Greatest Science Fiction Themes!

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