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The movie, the score, the legend… the book

Legends of the Fall” has long been regarded as one of the late James Horner’s finest works. It’s an emotional powerhouse full of sweeping melodies and rich orchestrations. It shows Horner at his very best and it kickstarted his, arguably, most successful period, the mid 90s, when he scored “Casper“, “Balto“, “Apollo 13“, “Braveheart” and the Oscar-winning “Titanic“. The full printed score to the epic “Legends of the Fall” is now available via Chris Siddall Music Publishing.

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It’s back… but should it be?

Imagine a synth score. Imagine it’s well documented which machines were used to create it. Imagine a sequel with more synths and still plenty of info about the devices used. Then imagine a few more sequels, but this time they are largely orchestral (though possibly sampled). Finally, imagine someone with a wholly different set of synths performing various cues taken from across the franchise. Welcome to London Music Works’ “Music from the Terminator Movies“.

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Save the dinos!

Oh the irony! “Jurassic World: Primal Ops” is soon to be extinct. It’s a mobile game and if you want to play it you had better be quick, as it will be discontinued in about a month from now. In the game you travel across North America saving dinosaurs. Having seen several documentaries such as “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World“, rescuing dinosaurs does not sound like a sensible idea to me, but what do I know?! I’m no mad scientist.

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