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Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Reviews is dedicated to reviewing soundtracks (from films, television, games and trailer campaigns). The site aims to maintain a no-nonsense approach to reviewing as it follows a simple format: What does it sound like and is it any good?

This site was launched in Summer 2013 by Pete Simons, who studied Journalism at the Fontys School for Journalism in Tilburg, The Netherlands (in the mid-to-late 1990s). During this time at uni, Pete wrote soundtrack and film reviews for “At the“, a now defunct site that was set up by fellow students.

Between 1997-2004 Pete was an editor and (from late 2002) graphic designer for “Score“, a Dutch printed magazine about film music and one of the oldest and longest running (still) in existence. In the past, He also briefly contributed to “Movie Music UK“.

After a hiatus of several years, this website marks Pete’s return to filmmusic journalism. Born in the Netherlands and currently living and working in the United Kingdom, he has been listening to (and collecting) soundtracks since the late 1980s. He is also keen on classical music, indie rock and dance music. In his spare time (ha-ha!) Pete is an amateur composer (aka Synchrotones).

You can get in touch via the Contact page, or you can follow @Synchrotones on Twitter and Facebook.

All reviews content (c) Synchrotones, 2013-current; archived interviews by Pete Simons for “Score”, 2000-2004. Album artwork (c) of their respective publishers. Republished for illustrative and promotional purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. Should you have any concerns about this website or its content, please contact me. Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Reviews is an entity of Synchrotones Music Solutions.

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