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Trust Me (Mark Kilian)

September 5, 2014

Synchrotones’ Microtones Review… all of the opinion, less of the words.

cover_TrustMeTRUST ME

Mark Kilian, 2014, Lakeshore Records
22 tracks, 38:54

What is it? “Trust Me” is a comedy starring Clark Gregg as a down-on-his luck agent for child actors and truly one the last good guys left in Hollywood. After discovering a 13-year-old acting prodigy he is poised to close the deal of a lifetime. He must now wrangle the actress’ volatile, overprotective father, dodge a scheming producer, and outwit his uber-slick nemesis.

What does it sound like? Composer Mark Kilian explains, “I assembled a collection of struck ethnic idiophones like gamelan, glass marimba, bass marimba, metal buzz balafon, hapi drum and glock and started recording moods and patterns on which I could build further. To invoke a noir attitude I used trumpet (both muted and open) and string bass and then filled in as was needed with strings and some manipulated guitar soundscape work.” At times it feels like a Cliff Martinez score with the trumpet, indeed, adding a noir atmosphere. The layered sounds and the interplay between the various instruments give this score a welcome depth. Representing the character’s journey, the score starts off playful and gradually becomes more ethereal.

Is it any good? It’s a very pleasant listen, especially if you like the echoing patterns that are more commonly associated with Martinez, Brook or Rona. There is a nice natural sound to them, though not surprising considering Kilian’s choice of (acoustic, ethnic) instruments. Strings, brass and piano add a lovely sense of midnight jazz. It may still prove a little too uneventful for some listeners, but I find it quite relaxing. Also nice to hear such diversity from the “Seal Team 8” composer.

Rating [3/5]

Review by Pete Simons, (c) Synchrotones

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