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Now You See Me 2 (Brian Tyler)

July 31, 2016

Cover_NowYouSeeMe2NOW YOU SEE ME 2

Brian Tyler, 2016, Varese Sarabande
24 tracks, 77:28

Now you see me too. Now you hear me. Now you don’t. Now you feel me. Now it’s going a little too far. Here’s a sequel with awesome music.

Review by Pete Simons

What is it?

The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet. The film’s got a new director, but most of the cast reprise their roles. Composer Brian Tyler returns too.

What does it sound like?

It sounds a bit like Brian Tyler’s Now You See Me, which should come as no surprise. Back in 2015 I wrote things like “The caper genre has always had a distinct sound, rooted in jazz, though in this day and age modernisation is a necessity. Equally, an illusionist’s show these days requires high-octane, anthemic music. Brian Tyler has clearly done his homework and presents a score filled with funky percussion and snappy brass motifs, capturing both the ‘heist’ and ‘showbiz’ styles. Whilst the composer could be accused of going a little over the top, the result is just too much fun!

The same goes for Now You See Me 2. Tyler reprises his themes and stays close to the style and sound of the first score. If anything, it’s bigger and bolder. The album opens with a “Fanfare” which takes the main theme and spins it around a few times. It’s an energetic piece, though it has several wonderfully lush passages. It’s really quite epic and makes me wonder what this man might do for a Star Trek or Star Wars film?

The album continues with the “Main Titles”, which features the main theme again, but this time accompanied by the four-note string arpeggio (which itself is a key element of the score) and rocking percussion. Unsurprisingly, percussion plays a big role throughout the score. From rock-style to jazzy caper style. A cue like “The Set Up” shows that the film-makers have not forgotten about the heist story, as typical big band brass, bass, wah wah sounds and funky percussion take centre stage.

Elsewhere, “Equivoque” rivals anything by John Powell for hyperactivity, whilst “Trifecta” and “Diversion Tactics” venture carefully towards EDM. There are a few quieter moments, but for the most part, NYSM2 continues in the same vein as its predecessor with racing strings and soaring brass. So, to cut a long review short: if you liked the first, you’ll will like this one too.

Is it any good?

Brian Tyler’s Now You See Me 2 continues where the first left off and, if anything, is a little bit bigger and bolder where the orchestral elements are concerned. Tyler reprises the jazzy heist music, the frantic string ostinati, the percussion and that wonderful main theme. And he really puts those elements through their paces. There is so much energy here, and so much fun. To be honest, it’s a little exhausting to listen to it for 77 minutes straight, so I’d recommend bite-size sessions. But there’s no denying the quality of the music; the composition and orchestrations. It’s fantastic. As good as the first, maybe even better.

Rating [4.5/5]


01. Now You See Me 2 Fanfare (3:20)
02. Now You See Me 2 Main Titles (3:00)
03. 300 Seconds (7:25)
04. The Setup (5:45)
05. Sleight of Hand (5:52)
06. Revelatory (1:24)
07. A Special Invitation (4:38)
08. Equivoque (3:18)
09. Off The Grid (Walter’s Theme) (2:13)
10. Trifecta (3:53)
11. The Fool (1:55)
12. Buffy the Chippie (2:58)
13. Behind the Curtain (4:10)
14. Thaddeus’ Game (2:23)
15. Octa (1:37)
16. United (1:36)
17. Deliverance (4:10)
18. Diversion Tactics (4:34)
19. Sibling Rivalry (1:55)
20. Bazaar Getaway (2:09)
21. The New Horseman (1:05)
22. See You in 3 to 5 (1:41)
23. The Big Finish (3:56)
24. Finale (2:40)

Review (C) 2016 Synchrotones

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