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Spotlight – The Future Is Female: A Concert For Women In Film

May 6, 2017

Conversations With The Future Is Female Composers

The Future is Female: A Concert For Women in Film is an orchestral concert featuring 10 up and coming female composers all working in Film and TV. Each composer will be presenting an original piece, featuring The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra brought to us by Mark Robertson and Noah Gladstone. The 9 composers behind this concert talk production, gear, women in the film industry, and their sold out concert.

Music software developer Output sat down with the 9 composers of The Future Is Female: A Concert For Women In Film talk production, gear, women in the film industry, and their sold out concert. You can watch this round table conversation, split up into bite-size videos at: Though the interview is conducted by Output, it covers a wide variety of subjects besides gear.

You can read more about the concert and the women behind it at: They include: Tori Letzler (“Batman vs Superman”), Jessica Weiss (“Girl Unbound”), Edith Mudge (Bleeding Fingers, Extreme Music), Jessica Rae Huber (“The Walking Dead”, “Outlander”), Anne-Kathrin Dern (“Halo V: Guardians”, “Galavant”), Perrine Virgile-Piekarski (“Fargo”, “The Night Of”), Brooke deRosa (“The Search for Simon”), Vivian Aguiar-Buff (“Captain America: The Winder Soldier”, “Big Hero 6”), Nami Melumad (“At Last”, “And the Tiara Goes To…”), Tangelene Bolton (“Rise of the Tomb Raider”) and Lori Castro (Sound Engineer at Remote Control et al).

In their own words: “These women are the assistants, additionals, music editors, and musicians who have worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest projects to date and now we are giving them their own platform. Our goal is to empower and encourage female composers and shed a light on the women whose names you may not know yet, but you will. For more info please visit us at Sponsored by : West One Music Group, BMI, 14th Street Music, The Society of Composers & Lyricists, ASCAP, AFM Local 47, Audiomachine, The Alliance for Women Film Composers, Avid, Berklee College of Music. Gofundme page : Instagram : @FIF_CONCERTS.

Most text and image taken from the various linked sites.
(C) 2017 Synchrotones

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