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Hiatus (Synchrotones)

January 5, 2020

Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Reviews is going on hiatus. I will publish the 2019 Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Awards soon, but after that this place will get taken over by tumbleweeds.  Last year especially I have struggled to find the time and the energy to review all the scores that I have so gratefully received (or otherwise bought). I don’t see this changing in the immediate future. I have thought long and hard about shutting up shop, but I will call it a hiatus for now.

I need, if nothing else, a break from this.

It may surprise you how much I’ve struggled with this decision (trivial as it may seem), and how much time I’ve spent thinking about it. I’ve spent more time thinking *about* the site than actually working on it! There are times where I think that today’s film music is not my kind of music any more. As a result, I often don’t know what to write about the latest scores. Sometimes I think that if I change my format (to something even shorter) it may suit me better; and sometimes I simply feel like I’ve got little more to contribute. Regardless of whether I’m right or wrong, these thoughts have been all-consuming and very tiring; and they need to stop. I need, if nothing else, a break from this. After having made that decision a few weeks ago, 2020 just delivered the final punch. The company I work for has gone into administration, and overnight I’m out of a job. You can imagine that my priorities have changed very quickly.

I think I actually prefer talking about soundtracks as a member of a forum

I love film music and it’s great to feel passionate about something.., or anything. I’ve been writing about film music since the 90s and I’ve met a fair few great composers because of it. More importantly, I’ve made some great friends because of it. I will carry on listening to scores (of course), and I’ll carry on moaning about the bad ones and raving about the good ones… but I think I actually prefer doing that as a member of a forum, where you can join (or start) a discussion when you’ve got something to say; and where you can keep schtum when you don’t. This… self-imposed formality of running a website… it’s not for me right now. The site and its reviews will still be here, but I won’t be adding any new content.

There will always be a place for critics and analysts

There will always be a place for critics and analysts; and there are some seriously good ones out there (just go to the IFMCA website and pick any of them) who put a great deal of time and effort into their articles. As a result, they enrich your listening experience by highlighting things you have missed – details in the orchestrations, connections to other works, recording techniques and most importantly… how the music fits the story. I will continue to contribute to those discussions through various forums.

See you later

To all those who visited, commented, contributed in any way to Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Reviews… I thank you sincerely. I will see you on Facebook and various online platforms… thus, this is not a goodbye, this is a see you later.

Do watch out for the 2019 Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Awards, which includes a massive round-up of the year. I’m just finalising my top 10 and then it’ll go live (hopefully in the next couple days).


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