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Knock (Cyrille Aufort)

November 11, 2017


Cyrille Aufort, Movie Score Media 2017
16 tracks, 34:30

Don’t you just love it when a pleasant little surprise comes knock-ing on your door? Well, best get your wallet out. I’m sure you can aufort it …?

Review by Pete Simons.

Directed by Lorraine Levy Knock is a French comedy, a remake of the 1951 film Dr Knock. Omar Sy stars as Knock, a thug who has become a doctor. He sets up practice in the small village of Saint-Maurice and makes the villagers believe they’re not as healthy as they think, by finding imaginary symptoms in each of them. The music is by Cyrille Aufort.

The score is quite a delight. It’s a colourful score for full orchestra, with each section taking to the fore at some point or another. The main theme is a playful and quite lavish melody accompanied by a string ostinato. During the opening cue alone, the theme travels from piano to violin and strings. Throughout the score the underlying ostinato is referenced quite frequently, more so than the actual theme, providing a welcome sense of continuity.

When staccato horns are added to this string ostinato, it begins to sound rather like Danny Elfman. Elsewhere I’m reminded of John Powell, either because of quirky orchestrations or simply because of the joyous nature of some cues. The music frequently reminds me of other scores. Whether that’s deliberate or coincidental, I don’t mind either way. Should you be surprised to hear plenty of plucked strings, pizzicato strings, light percussion, mallets and the occasional jawharp? Probably not, seeing as it’s a comedy. It may be a comedy score, but Aufort prevents obvious ‘mickey mousing’ and instead presents a pleasant coherent work. Lush strings, winds and brass flesh out the score and give it some weight.

At 35 minutes it’s a tight presentation, but the score has quite a bit to offer in that short time. To be honest, at a time where digital downloads allow albums to run for as long as they like, it’s quite refreshing to listen to a well sequenced, well presented little album like this. It certainly never outstays its welcome; and in fact it’s a pleasure to have on repeat. And theme main theme is one of those that just sticks in your mind. Aufort’s Knock come as a pleasant surprise to me; and I’d recommend you head over the Movie Score Media‘s website and check it out for yourselves.

(c) 2017 Synchrotones

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